Our Process

The TMJ Concepts Patient-Fitted TMJ Reconstruction Prosthesis is unique from other systems in that its use involves a cooperative effort between the surgeon and TMJ Concepts. These implants are not off-the-shelf standard components, and each set of devices are jointly developed by TMJ Concepts and the implanting surgeon to address the unique anatomy and surgical planning for each patient.

As this is a cooperative effort, it is very important that the surgeon, office staff and the hospital purchasing department expedite their role to enable us to provide the devices in a timely manner. Please take into account that the acquisition of viable CT data and hospital purchase order authorization are critical path items that can delay the start of the design and manufacturing activities. Below is an outline of the process for ordering the patient-specific prosthesis.

1 Order/CT data Patient is preapproved for the TMJ Concepts Patient-Fitted TMJ Reconstruction Prosthesis by the surgeon’s office. CT data and case information is uploaded into the iD Portal. Patient is scanned per the TMJ Concepts CT protocol. See page 2 of the Surgical Prep Manual for important instructions
2 Model Review CT scan data is evaluated and model imaging is forwarded to the surgeon for review and then returned to TMJ Concepts. See page 3 of the Surgical Prep Manual for important instructions.
3 Design Implant designs are created to fit the surgeon prepared model.
4 Design Review Implant designs are sent to the surgeon for review and approval via the iD Portal.
5 Manufacturing Implants are manufactured per the surgeon-approved designs.
6 Shipment Implants, fixation screws, and instruments as necessary are shipped to the surgeon’s hospital.
7 Surgery Surgeon implants the Patient-Fitted TMJ Reconstruction Prostheses.  See the Surgical Technique on page 4 of the Surgical Prep Manual for important information.