For your safety, be familiar with the procedures for handling contaminated materials at your facility prior to utilizing these instructions.

Clean instruments as soon as possible after use. Avoid allowing soiled instruments to dry. Immerse into or use towels dampened with deionized or distilled water to keep soiled instruments moist prior to cleaning.

Manually or mechanically wash with mild detergent following the detergent manufacturer’s instructions for use. Avoid using extreme detergent concentration levels. Enzyme cleaners and warm/hot water may be used to aid in cleaning. pH neutral cleaners are recommended. If acidic or alkaline solutions are used, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for neutralizing the pH by rinsing with water or other neutralizing solution. Highly alkaline cleaners (pH ≥ 12) used in some mechanical washers are not recommended. Avoid prolonged exposure to acidic or alkaline solutions and solutions containing chlorides, bromides, or iodine.

After washing, thoroughly rinse instruments with clean deionized or distilled water.

Use of water-soluble medical instrument lubricant is recommended for instruments with moving parts and/or intended to interfit with other instruments.

Dry completely before sterilization.

Inspect for cleanliness, especially in recesses. The effectiveness of the cleaning process may be evaluated by applying a 2% hydrogen peroxide solution. If the solution produces bubbles, repeat the washing process.

Check instruments thoroughly for damage, especially instruments with moving parts or interfits such as a quick-connect mechanism. Do not use instruments that have been damaged. Damaged instruments should be replaced before further use.


The instruments are intended for steam sterilization in the TMJ Fixation Hardware Sterilization Case provided by TMJ Concepts. The following sterilization cycle has been shown to produce terminally sterile product with a sterility assurance level of 10⁻⁶. Other similar steam cycles may be used but have not been evaluated.

Wrapped or Unwrapped Prevacuum Steam Sterilization,
15 minutes at 270-275°F (133-135°C)